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Hi marguax!

Try adding this css to move the inspiration arrows down:

.inspirationSliderContainer .anythingSlider-default .arrow { top: 375px; }

That is a very clever trick you did with the navigation! I like it! To share it with others, basically you hide the non-current slides, then show only the current one and add content “/5” after it, essentially like this ([demo](

.anythingSlider-default .anythingControls ul a {
display: none;
/* Navigation current button, default state */
.anythingSlider-default .anythingControls a.cur {
display: block;

.anythingSlider-default .anythingControls a.cur::after {
content:”2044 5″;

But instead of modifying the default navigation, just add an element you can position yourself

Then use the `onSlideInit` callback function ([demo](

buildNavigation: false,
buildStartStop: false,
onSlideInit: function (e, slider) {
$(‘#current’).html(slider.targetPage + ‘/’ + slider.pages);