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Wow you people are so nice! I wasn’t expecting this much help! Thankyou so much!

I’m a real test and try designer, most of the things I used I’ve just picked up along the way, and I’m only in my first year of uni so I’m really looking forward to actually getting some proper training rather than what I’ve self taught myself. Thats why you see ridiculous things like -100 paddings (was getting frustrated with it not moving so put a ridiculous number to see what it would do, which was nothing, and forgot to get rid of it) and tables (which we were forced to use in high school, divs were another thing I discovered.

Ok anyway so I think I understand what you mean, and have changed everything to what you said. Hopefully everything is a lot neater and correct now haha. But it still hasn’t resolved the problem of it not working in FF and IE?

//edit: reading your tutorial now, hopefully it will fix the problem