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"leehughes" wrote:
Thanks :)

What part of the code tells which parent page to disable? Just incase I wanna add more parent pages in future ;) I don’t see any reference to certain pages.. quite confused how it’s only picking the pages I requested.. code is an amazing thing :)

Cheers :)

p.s You’re never stuck in Florida ;)

Here’s a quick breakdown of how it works.

Your navigation is built as an unordered list (ul element) with list items (li element) that are your actual links….

Inside of certain list items you have another list of links, such as,

The code searches for a user to mouseover a list item that has another list stacked inside of it, and if they click the link, it directs them nowhere.

speaking of this, you should change the first line to this:

$j(“#nav li:has(ul)”).hover(function () {

that way it only searches this navigation system for this, If not, if you ever created a second navigation, it would disable those parent links also, (unless you want that)