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"leehughes" wrote:
Too kind :)

Thanks for the tips, validation does my head in.. Av only just started web design (as you might have guessed) and validation was just an extra kick in the nuts for me after IE headaches :D

Lol, no problem at all, and I know how you feel, I’m still new myself.

As for moving the dropdown, it should work anywhere you move it.

as for the validation, they were easy mistakes to make, and easy mistakes to correct, so no big worries. sometimes its just hard to understand what the heck they mean on the page (so much tech mumbo jumbo.) We need an easier validator, that says "Hey stupid, close this tag!" or more politely as is the new trend… "Oops! Excuse me, you forgot to close this tag, you should do that A.S.A.P…."

Coyier, you listening? I think this should be your next web service project ;D