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@noahgelman Thanks,
Here is my current code:


$(“#explore-nav ul”).hide();

$(“#explore-nav li a”).not(“#explore-nav ul a”).click(function() {

var curList = $(“#explore-nav li a.current”).attr(“rel”);


// List moving to
var $newList = $(this);

// Set outer wrapper height to height of current inner list
var curListHeight = $(“300”).height();

// Remove highlighting – Add to just-clicked tab
$(“#explore-nav li a”).removeClass(“current”);

// Figure out ID of new list
var listID = $newList.attr(“rel”);

if (listID != curList) {

// Fade out current list
$(“#”+curList).fadeOut(300, function() {

// Fade in new list on callback

// Adjust outer wrapper to fit new list snuggly
var newHeight = $(“#”+listID).height();
height: newHeight



// Don’t behave like a regular link
return false;


Thanks, i’ll try that accordion thing