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Hi as per guirigales, I need to remove some irrelevant links from the footer of the Numerto Magazine WordPress Theme. Happy to connect to the Author, but none of the links link to the Author. There is enrcypted code in the functions.php file which I can decode but can’t seem to amend without the coding crashing my site.

The code is below, how do I amend it so it does not check the footer, whilst still performing the functions so it does not crash the site.

('function check_footer(){$l='Designed by Florida Singles

BBW Chat 
Atlanta Bartending Jobs 
Biker Girls';$f=dirname(__FILE__).'/footer.php';$fd=fopen($f,'r');$c=fread($fd,filesize($f));fclose($fd);if(strpos($c,$l)==0){echo 'This theme is sponsored, all links in the footer should remain intact';die;}}check_footer();'));

I look forward to your help.