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As for the ‘click here to cancel reply’, you can find it here in the file comment.php, located in BLANK-Theme-v1BLANK-themecomments.php. Its on line 50. That line says:

You can set whatever you want between the (), like this:

About the text ‘reply’, you can find that in the file comment-template.php, located in wp-includescomment-template.php. Its on line 1014.
That line says:

$defaults = array('add_below' => 'comment', 'respond_id' => 'respond', 'reply_text' => __('Reply'),

See the word ‘Reply’? You can edit that, like this:

$defaults = array('add_below' => 'comment', 'respond_id' => 'respond', 'reply_text' => __('This is your own custom reply text'),

I hope this helps