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Sorry Ashton, I was very unclear.

I specified the widths for the li’s in question and they popped right back into place at the top of the screen. That info regarding the display:block property was news to me, so thanks for that – good to know.

My problem now, however, is that the padding properties of these li’s seems to have been affected by this change. They seem to have been jogged up-screen a pixel or so, while the search box has definately seen better days. Meanwhile, all the content below the navigation links – that is, everything else on the page – is no longer centered on the screen, but rather aligned to the left. This is despite IE’s Developer Tools showing, correctly, a page-wrap div with a margin:0 auto attribute.

Again, let me just say this only happens on three pages in the entire site – even before applying the width’s to the li’s. Every other page is fine, on all browsers. All my browser versions are bang up to date as well.

Any further help you can give me here would be hugely appreciated, thanks Ashton. :?