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Now, I got it to work, kind of.

The thing is, if I write the code you gave me:

// Cache the div so that the browser doesn’t have to find it every time the window is resized.
var $div = $(‘’);

// Run the following when the window is resized, and also trigger it once to begin with.
$(window).resize(function () {
// Get the current height of the div and save it as a variable.
var height = $div.height();
// Set the font-size and line-height of the text within the div according to the current height.
‘font-size’: (height/2) + ‘px’,
‘line-height’: height + ‘px’

It doesn’t work. If I put the var $div = $(‘’); inside the function, it kind of works, but it doesn’t really follow the div, it just resizes and then stay there. And the text OUTSIDE of the does also resize.