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I’ve been looking into creating something like this.

I think the most tricky part would be for it to ‘carousel’. Depending on how many images are visible at a time, they will need to be ‘cloned’ in order to create a complete carousel effect. Anything slider is a good example, it clones the first and last slide to make it seem like it loops. This clones 1 div, where as what you are looking for would have to clone x amount of images.

I understand this isn’t really solving your problem. But I find discussing how it could work interests me.

There are tons of content slider/carousels out there, but I find most of them are quite annoying and lame. AnythingSlider is by far the best, but it often doesn’t have the ability to do exactly what I would like it to do. I’ve never come across something that does what you are looking for.