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Yeah Doc. I have to be agree with that. Although, internship is where you would learn to face the real working world, but I think here, I am on my own, cause the people around me is all sales executive and manager, which have almost zero knowledge about designing or web dev.

Right now they ask me to design a portal for them, not really just design, the want me to do some apps too, but that a different matter. Right now I’ve been told to do the portal, referring to the standard parent site, but with a different fun touch bla bla.

See this page as reference for the look of the parent site. They don’t let me do anything with the header, so i’ll be working with the main content. The left side link also I will be allowed to play just a bit. Easy to say if I could make it almost the same look as the the main site, I would be fine. The thing is, I feel hard to design and refer to the IE, as they don’t have such web inspector or code inspector like Chrome does.