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Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll try working on them and report back.

The IE6 debate. Yeah, I’d be happy if I could just code for, well, anything but IE6. However, I find that working with churches there is a higher than normal percentage of IE6 users. Whether it’s someone’s grandma who inherited her computer 4-5 years ago when her grandson got a new one, or a church that doesn’t have the budget (or is unwilling to spend it) to buy a new system, IE6 is a fact of life. I’m trying to make something that works in 6, but focusing the design on FF. And, in this case, the church is running IE6 in their office, so when I meet with them it has to work.

About the divitis. :oops: Yeah, I probably overdid it. I started using "padding_xxx" divs for all my padding so IE6 wouldn’t flip out with the box model in layouts. I just keep using it by default. I’ll have to try changing that mindset!

I can’t take out the div id="footer" as that’s integral to the sticky footer. However, maybe if I pull out some of those extraneous div’s it’ll work better. And, I suppose that I could skip the sticky footer if necessary, or pull it out in an IE6 conditional stylesheet.

Again, thanks for your help!