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I completely agree that some sites don’t need to support IE6, it’s all about your consumer base.

w3schools is still getting 13% IE6 userbase. Now, you could probably assume that it’s really only tech savvy people going to that site. So if they are still in the 13% range, one can only imagine what the rest of the normal population are using.

Now bringing this all around to this topic and tying it in a neat bow, an answer to somebody can never be "don’t support ie6". It sure is simple to say, but can have huge ramifications for somebody. What if their userbase is 50% IE6? Like I said, it all comes down to the specific site and audience it’s being designed for.

Back to the matter at hand! Cybershot is on the right path I think. Serious divitis suffering in there. A total of seven divs make up the footer. One is even called "footer padding" which you can just put directly onto the #footer div itself.