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Home Forums CSS [Solved] Dropdown is making me drop dead! Please help! Re: [Solved] Dropdown is making me drop dead! Please help!

"apostrophe" wrote:
I don’t see where you are applying the background to the list items?

In this section:

ul.nice-menu li a {
padding: 0.3em 5px 0.3em 5px;
background:url(images/main-nav-bg.gif) repeat-x;

And as for the arrows…

ul.nice-menu-down li.menuparent a {
background:transparent url(arrow-down.png) no-repeat scroll right center;

As for the javascript error, it’s probably because I’m not running it in it’s native drupal environment (developing this on localhost for right now)…I still get the same behavior either way.

I’ve tried dozens of combinations, nothing seems to work. Either the arrows show through and whites out the gradient background, or the gradient background shows but covers the arrows. :evil: