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I spent all of yesterday trying to figure out how to create a PHP Include header file. I’m obviously doing something wrong somewhere.

Basically, I want the header to consist of our logo and the links bar. The links bar pulls from both the HTML and CSS files to work.

1. What exactly do I need to put in the PHP Include file? This, I suspect, is where I’m going wrong.

2. Does every HTML file need to be renamed .php? (I doubt this is the case, but I read some confusing wording somewhere that seemed to indicate as such. I figured I’d better ask just to be on the safe side.)

3. TheDoc posted this: < php include('link-to-file'); ? > (Without the spaces between < and >). So, I would include something like < php include('header.php'); ? > in (for example) index.html and whatever other files I need to display the header?

Thanks again,