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Heh, yeah.

I’m trying to avoid modifying it as much as possible (i didn’t make it, after all). Changing what element gets the "active" background is non-trivial, requiring more than a little digging through template files.

Though, it looks like i may need to do that, in order to get everything centered.

Setting the top margin a little larger did push the menu down far enough for it to look more like it’s supposed to, and reducing the lefthand margin did fix the disappearing link.

It does seem, though, that Firefox and Safari measure differently, as the menu sits higher in safari than in firefox. Is this a known problem?

I don’t suppose you know of a more esoteric way of centering things?

Well, i’ve set a min and max width, but because the li’s are floating, they stretch the ul to it’s max. Guess i’ll need to do some poking around.