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I’ve been using it over at my site and it’s been fine. I know the guys at Carsonified ( use it and many more do too.

AFAIK most of the browsers out there already support the doctype. It’s the HTML5 specific elements that some browsers have problems with. IE can’t work out things like <header>, <nav>, <article>, <footer> etc without JavaScript being involved. With FF, Safari/Chrome and Opera you can do:

header, nav, article, footer { display: block; }

…which then turns those elements into block elements. I’ve made a demo page here ( which demo’s CSS3 and HTML5 (it works in Safai/Chrome and FF). If you have a look at the source it will show you the elements I used. The HTML is clean but the CSS is very messy at the moment (I had a bet with someone about keeping it tiny!).

Hope that helps,