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Hi all , thanks for the feedback

I also don’t like the music , but the owner , give me the mp3 and he love it…. I will tell you an anecdote that happen the fist day I show the web to the owner…..

-He open the web page and the music starts , he sit down a listen to music instead of watching the web page… uncommon isn’t… :lol:

I’m sure it was the language barrier, but I wasn’t sure what the website was for – a restaurant? art gallery? a restaurant/art gallery combo? I’m lost here. It needs to be clear from the initial launch screen. At least incorporate it into the title of the website.

Yo just got the idea compleatly, The Place is a Restaurant with a Gallery art, well not that will shows commonly industrial design , (chairs, tables, beds, and etc…mmm) but the first is a restaurant with international fusion la la la gastronomy …..

I just fix some CSS, but for my misfortune, IE7 mess up everything again … I hate soooo much IE6-7-8….

Thanks all for the feedback!!