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The bottom text on the header, "scholarhip, sisterly love,…" looks like a menu. confused me at first.

in my browser the links box goes behind the music player (i’m using the newest version of chrome). I only see all the links after I scroll all the way to the top.

I agree music should not auto start.

In media have the subject bar expand all the way.

Also the blue text blends in to the subject headers. People could have issues reading the text. Use a lighter text color and make the font bigger.

Consider breaking the history page up. It’s very long. Something that long won’t get read. I know the submenu links to anchors but separating out the pages will ensure a user will stay longer and not get overwhelmed by a long page of text.

I can make the link menu item stick in chrome and firefox. Not sure about IE. Select "LInks" scroll up and down with the links box open, close the link box with the "X", notice the home and the links menu item are both highlighted.

The slider on the main page is not noticable. I pulled a "what are those?" after being on the page for over 10 min. I just happened to notice the instructions below the slider. If you have instruct the user how to use your site or an element (when it’s not a game) re-evaluate the element.

Not trying to be picky or a pain. I’ve done Quality Assurance for a few years and tend to find alot of things.