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That looks great and is definitely helping me get further, thanks for this!

I have a question about some part of the code though, namely this:

//do simple validation
if(!$form_data || !$form_data || !$form_data || !$form_data)
die('Invalid data');

The validation. I don’t really understand what it says.. its an if statement, but it doesn’t seem to compare or check an input value against a set value, if that makes sense.. usually, its something like: If.. 5+5 = 10 then output “thats correct” else “nope thats wrong”. I can only see there is an exclamation mark in front of each $form_data[…] but I dont really understand it fully I think.

Also, thats whats causing problems for when testing this out. It outputs “Invalid data”, whereas I only filled in my name in the fields.. can someone help?