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Hi Rob

Sorry, I wasn’t very clear. I just meant I hadn’t tried it adding the additional jscript. I added it last night and you’re right it seems to work :) I did, however, have a problem when adding the 3rd script that controls the switching of the book groups. So when you click the link, say Christology, it brings up the books associated with that tag. When I add this script in with the other two I have in their right now it voids the switcharoo work you fixed. I pulled the 3rd script switching book groups out so it’s not in the page right now. I don’t have access to my server from work but the script I’m talking about is below. I may have screwed it up a bit but it’s really just the same script as the one that I have in their right now that switches out specific books on the right by clicking one on the left.

Hope that makes some level of sense, I’ve only had one cup of coffee. Thanks again for looking at all this.


$(‘.book-categories a’).bind( ‘click’, function(){
var group_id = $(this).attr(‘group-id’);
$(‘#’ + group_id ).show();
return false;
}); });