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Actually fresh and current content doesn’t matter. Infact, a page that is 10 years old could rank much higher than another page that is 2 months old. In some cases fresh content will perform better, especially in the case that an article’s given information is time sensitive. For instance, I wouldn’t care to read an article about CSS media queries that was dated for Aug of 2006, that would be pointless and I would just simply leave the page. Just creating new content is pointless unless that content is dated. This is part of the reason I put dates on virtually all my articles I publish online, so that people know the content is current. XML sitemaps have nothing to do with SEO other than the fact they help search engines to crawl links contained in PHP, java server pages, javascript, flash, etc. Other than that XML site maps are worthless and don’t matter. As long as your site has a clear and easy structure to navigate you are fine. This is another reason why Google is still telling people to create “static” pages, and use text links! Why, because they are simple to crawl, and you don’t need a foreign translator to make sense of them.

Code structure does matter! If you are creating link menus, like say sidebars full of links using the “h1” tag, search engines will penalize you for this, as they think you are trying to game the system, Google has stated they do take action against this. Anyone can build a website, but are they adhering to search engine guidelines? I think this is the real question.

“keywords/phrases in small text below your footer?” This is considered spamming of keywords as Google’s Matt Cutts states it, and they are seeking to de-rank sites for doing this too much. Your keywords should be directly in your content, not obscured from it! If your webpage is about pacman, then talk about pacman in your pages headings, paragraphs, etc, not below the footer of the page.

And just my opinion, but Searchengineland is worthless. Sites like that are full of self proclaimed “know it all’s” who do nothing other than rant on and on about keywords, over and over again. They are SEO specialists, but most of them don’t know webdesign? How does that work when every webpage in existence uses well, HTML and CSS as their underlying technology. If SEO specialists are so smart, then how come they’re all getting sued since Google’s more recent Panda and Penguin updates took effect? JCPENNY has filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit against their previous SEO! They’re all crying “Penalties!” I wasn’t penalized for anything, then again I’m a web designer and I understand how webpages, search engines, and the internet work, so I have no reason to cheat the system, which is exactly what they do because they know no other way!