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wolfcry911 –

Thanks for the helpful response. I’m not offended – you pointed out some things that I really need to fix, and that’s exactly what I sought. Very good point about too many different blues – it’s an unorganized mix and needs some control. The same goes for the conflicting border and line types; I’ll see what I can do to make things more unified. I’ve already planned on trying a larger image (without causing a slow page load – see below), but also want to keep a lot of the whitespace. Your suggestions for the footer should give me more space to work within. Very helpful feedback.

As for the fonts, I used a very basic set; maybe too basic, so I’ll look into that. On the other hand, since there will be relatively little text on the site, maybe it isn’t as critical as it would be on a text-heavy site. Still, it should look good. I guess the goal is to make what text there is more attractive text without drawing attention away from the images.

Brightonmike –

Strange about the slow loading you experienced. I haven’t noticed it at all, and since I’ll try using larger images this concerns me. I did try the Garage Door effect on the gallery page, and maybe the js and Modernizr for Garage Doors are slowing things down. I’ll probably replace the Garage Doors with some CSS3 stuff, so hopefully this will eliminate the slow loading you mentioned.

Sincere thanks for the help, folks.