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You can also use [Mixture]( “Mixture”) for Windows, it’s currently in free beta, but they will announce on pricing as soon as it leaves beta stage. Main functionality is the same – it acts as a CodeKit “equivalent”, uses/pairs with local server, compiles SASS/LESS/Stylus/Haml/Compass and includes livereload.

The difference from Prepros is the following:
– .liquid templating
– known frameworks/boilerplates, tailored to work with .liquid, e.g. Foundation, Bootstrap, inuit.css, Sassaparilla
– it compiles two versions of your .scss – minified and expanded (you don’t exactly need Mixture to do that, there are plugins for ST2 as well).

I used it for a long time before Prepros – switched to Prepros though, because I don’t need the whole templating thingy, although maybe you’d find it interesting.