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I dont have other versions of IE to test with other than 8. By scroll lag i mean when you scroll down via mouse wheel or scroll bar, you scroll and about half a second later the page moves. Its kind of similar to getting a very low FPS rate (frames per second) in a game or video. Where you would expect a smooth and responsive action to take place you get one thats kind of choppy.

The tables are a temporary fix for another issue i was having. For the logo div, i have an image on the left and a user menu on the right (i.e. sign in/out, my account, etc). I wanted the image to align left and the user menu to align right. Without the tables, i couldnt get the user menu to align right if i remember correctly.

For the tables in the Content div, the height would not stretch to cover everything that ends up getting placed inside the contentplaceholder at run time. Originally, the table was a div named ContentCanvas. I was intending for the ContentCanvas div to be the a white box where all the content sits. Basically the ContentCanvas div itself would load up about 20px in height with the rest of the content would flow over the box. At the time, the table was a quick work-around for the issue.

Im still pretty new to working with CSS, so i figure these issues are likely a result of my inexperience so any advice is much appreciated.