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Excellent layout.

For a text heavy site I think it’s very readable. Something I would look into is alternate fonts via typekit or other. Maybe a monospaced font that will fit the style of your grid feed. Give it a try.

Here’s a e few additional thoughts on the design:

1. Look into a script to eliminate widows. Back on the text heavy idea, it’ll help it in the long run.

Here’s a great article featured right here on the topic:
[Preventing Widows]( “”)

2. In the purple band of photos, would those be hover-able? if so add some sort of indicator that you can interact with them.

3. Is it fixed nav? If I was using this site I’d find it very helpful.

4. Love that nav bar.

5. Will it be mobile? If so, post the mockup! I’d love to check it out.

6. Have you thought about adding a search to the header? Above the nav. Maybe giving it a predictive function as-well.

Oh, and I’m loving that background too.