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there is no link for that. I would do it in three divs

<div id="leftSide">


<div id="middle">


<div id="rightSide">


What they did was use 1 image for the background of the nav. What you need to do is use firebug for firefox. That is the best web browser for a web designer. If you right click on the page and choose..View page info, there will be a media tab that you can click, click that and it will show you all the images that are there. The image they are using is site-nav_bg.png. then they apply this background image to the <ul> and the <h3> tags and other parts of the code. I have never seen it done this way. using firefox, right click on the page, choose…View page source. you can see there are two style sheets in the head section, click on the one called global.css and that will open up the style sheet they are using. Do a search for site-nav_bg and you will see how they coded it.