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Ya dude I’m diving right into it but just want to get a feel what I am immersing myself in.

Awesome PHP screencasts! BTW I am very excited about Jquery :D

"Robskiwarrior" wrote:
Firstly I would definitely recommend jQuery :)

If you know CSS and HTML4 – then I would say you have a very solid start. Like Mark said it is a good time to start adding HTML5 elements and to start looking into it. XHTML is my weapon of choice at the mo, but I am starting to look at HTML5. CSS3 I already use bit’s of.

I would recommend looking into some PHP, mainly because it is the most popular, it just helps when you are reading code in WordPress or whatever to see what is actually going on… There is a thread here that has an awesome series of beginner videos – that is if you have never done anything with it :D

Best thing to do though is get right back into it as soon as possible :)