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Actually I was listening to the big web show podcast promoting Jeremy’s book yesterday, cool coincidence.

What i want to do is to be the most efficient. I don’t want to unneccesarily confuse my brain with syntax (HTML4, XHTML and HTML 5). HTML 5 seems to be the future so I guess it’s probably best to learn and start using that syntax.

"TT_Mark" wrote:
A lot of HTML5 is supported in some browsers (with the current exception of IE) however, unlike XHTML 2.0 and XHTML 1.1, HTML5 and HTML4.1 can be used interoperably.

There is nothing stopping you from starting to introduce HTML5 elements into your markup. For example, you can used the HTML5 Doctype declaration.

<!DOCTYPE html>

You can also start to use HTML5 form elements. Input types email, url and tel will just default to text in any browser that doesnt understand them.

I’d heavily recommend Jeremy Keith’s book HTML5 For Web Designers. It’s small, concise and to the point on everything you need to know