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Jon Yablonski

Yes, you are obviously correct on the images on the first site, but I believe you are mistaken on the images on the 2nd site: they are being affected by max-width: 100%, not cropped. This is what I am referring to by ‘responsive thumbs’.

And, it happens to be what I am trying to achieve in WP, but is proving to be difficult due to the width/height that WP gives thumbs. I am not simply trying to resize the thumbs, but make them ‘responsive’ (see

And as I stated, I am not having any luck simply targeting the thumbs and applying the necessary css to the thumbs b/c of this default WP setting to thumbs. What I am trying to do is find a way to override this setting, and being able to NOT apply a fixed width/height, but instead max-width: 100% and it actually work.