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@jamy_za It is not about finding a solution. I do not have a problem. I cannot stress this enough. it is about how users react to things. Simply set up multiple solutions and see what the common denominator is. Do not assume to provide solutions to problems that may or may not exist.

But, against better judgement, to answer your question: I would rather scale the site to fit the device and let the user either make a choice of layout, or zoom in. But regardless all these are bad solutions I suspect.
The problem with this particular point of responsiveness is that the designer determines the resolution of change. Personally I like to view all sites on my Galaxy tab (7″) the way they look on my desktop but scaled to fit my screen, while I want them to not fit my screen on my phone. I (again personally) do not experience moving the site sideways with my finger on my phone the same as horizontal scrolling on my desktop with a mouse. But then again, I am no baseline for UX either (nobody is).

The reason for my post is just that: All articles I read about responsive design and all arguments I have heard so far all “assume” that the user wants or needs it like so. I cannot stress this enough; this may be right, but then again it may not be. So before committing ourselves to this shouldn’t we at least try to find out if it actually works?
That is what I would like to talk about, not about specific use-cases.