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@ChristopherBurton & @joshuanhibbert : I said I am neither for nor against responsiveness, so no need to get defensive. I just don’t want to make up my mind about it in a matter of months since NOBODY (not me, not you) can determine how users interact with responsive sites, how they want to, and how they need to. That is something that needs to be something we measure by TRYING multiple things (like A/B testing etc.) instead of stating/dictating them.
Right now we are just all shouting “responsiveness” and very few people are actually trying to see what works and what not.
It is all good and proper for you to say what you think users are capable of or not, but do you actually have the numbers to back that up?
I never said the device doesn’t matter, Nor did I say that I want the site to warn me when it changes it’s layout.
All I am saying is that responsive design should not be accepted on face value.
I am getting feedback from users who simply do not understand why the same site they visit looks different on different devices. Some even think they have gone to a different site completely, and one even reported thinking the site was “broken”.

Again, these are just incidents, but so far I fail to find any tests been done or being done on this subject. And I fear (perhaps incorrectly so) that we put in a lot of effort into this only to find out later it doesn’t work as well as we hoped. So until then I would think that as responsible designers and developers we would caution ourselves (based on past experiences with hypes) to jump in blind.

Again, in no way do I want to disprove responsive design, but as yet it hasn’t been proven either (to my knowledge) and that worries me into thinking it will probably be here to stay for one reason alone: the majority. Which breaks another UX rule: Design is not a democracy.