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The only thing I am being argumentative about is my original intent for this post, which you all seem to want to highjack to prove to me that responsive design is “a good thing”, which I am not saying it isn’t.
Please at least give me the credit that I would know what it is I want to talk about when I start a post, I am not that dense. If you all misunderstood my initial question then I apologize for being not clear, but that is no reason to maintain in your misunderstanding even after I tried to explain that more than once. My mistake was to answer your (all of your) arguments, which I should not have done because it only obscured my initial question more.
Anyway, as far as I am concerned the discussion is tainted now, so let us leave it at that. I’ll try to remember that people in forums these days seem to assume that every discussion is a debate, so I’ll be more clear in the future. (and yes you assume right if you sense a tone of anger here, because I rightly feel abused/cornered into a position, so I better leave now before I really say something I will regret.) If at any time I said something inappropriate I am sorry. But right now I think you lot just manipulated the hell out of this discussion, even if it was unintended.