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@almcrorie, you’re absolutely correct. The statement from the documentation delcaring this follows:

> Due to security restrictions, some browsers may not allow this script to work on file:// urls (because it uses xmlHttpRequest). Run it on a web server.

That being said, there are many options for developers locally. You could run MAMP, WAMP, enable IIS on your Windows machine, run the Python Simple Server, or even the built-in web server that ships with PHP.

If non of those options sound appealing, you can simply permit your browser to allow scripts on the file protocol. In Chrome, you can run the browser with the –allow-file-access-from-files flag. Internet Explorer, traditionally, would allow file access from the file protocol when you used ActiveXObject to issue the request, but not for XMLHttpRequest. jQuery would use ActiveXObject when it was present, but this isn’t the case with IE10, I don’t believe.

Another alternative is to use a different solution: Scott Jehl makes reference to one in the bottom of his README –[css3.mediaqueries.js](