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Thanks for taking such a close look — the basic structure is taken from a tut Jeff Starr put up on Digging Into WordPress a while back — the wrap on the 2nd and 3rd columns seemed a bit odd to me as well, but I’m not gonna argue with Jeff Starr. :) Think it’s to do with keeping IE7/8 happy. As it turns out the client now just wants two columns, which is much easier. I still have the core problem, though: What I’m trying to achieve is a straight vertical list of posts — right now child categories are being indented, so it looks something like:

-Parent Post
-Child-category Post
Grandchild-category Post

And what I want is:

-Parent Post
-Child-Cat Post
-Red-headed Stepchild Post

and so on. Obviously easy to do with straight-up HTML/CSS, but WordPress is very helpfully organizing hierarchically, and I can’t figure out how to override that.

The site is a bit of a mess because I’m trying to fix some work that was done on it before I took over, but if you want to see it in action it’s (it’s in the footer)

And I did close the

    — bit embarrassing, there!