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Thanks folks, for the great feedback. I appreciate it and it really helps.

soap: The client really likes the brown, so we’ll probably stick with it. I may work on it a bit, as suggested below.

4bco: Good idea about the shadow on the main title. As for the colors, I tried to stick with mostly neutrals because the paintings have such vivid appealing colors and I didn’t want to compete with them. Still, maybe the white is too blah – I like the idea of the yellow-orange rollover color. “New Work” was the client’s choice, but I’ll suggest something better. The artist photo isn’t stretched, although I agree it’s a little soft. But she really likes this photo, so we’ll keep using it, but maybe I can sharpen it a bit.

Speedgun: I’d consider a CMS, but Carol has agreed to an inexpensive annual maintenance/update contract that should cover a few updates a year.

DogsGhost: Great idea about the Facebook logo. And I agree 100% about making Contact Me into a separate page. Planned to do that, but because we’ve already burned most of the hours in the maintenance contract, I postponed that. But it shouldn’t take much to make it happen, so that’ll be next. I appreciate your thoughts on the background color on a higher-res screen; not sure I like the idea of navy blue, but I’ll see if I can find another way to make it less distracting.

I sure enjoyed trying out some CSS3 stuff; still have a few more visual enhancements in mind. In any event, I think the site is a great improvement over her previous design (I’ll try to dig up a screenshot of that.) And fortunately, Carol loves it and has even given me a referral that should gain me another client.

Thanks again, all – you’ve given me some good suggestions.