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I certainly understand what you mean there.

Let me just say that more than half of my time talking with clients has shifted to discussing value, and what I do, how I do it, and why I do it. The problem people usually have with price is that they haven’t properly connected value to it. If you can prove value, and you actually can communicate WHY you charge what you charge that makes sense, then you’re building enough trust to give them a compelling reason to choose you over someone else.

Most ‘savvy’ business owners, those who have been around the block a few times, are cautiously optimistic about cheap prices. They get that you really do get what you pay for, or you have a stunning run of good luck if you manage to land truly awesome services for very low prices.

Sometimes you’ll never win in the minds of some clients because they perceive price as the only factor. It’s kind of like trying to sell 2 water heaters. The first water heater costs $150, but only lasts 5 years and and costs $20 per month to run. The second water heater is $500, but costs $10 per month to run and it lasts 15 years. If you can’t bridge the connection to your client to give them the understanding that spending $500 to save about $2,000 is a better investment than saving $350 right now, you are the person who will lose because that client will drive you nuts in the long run and you will ALWAYS be defending every invoice you send over.

Now, the flip side of this is that you also need to make sure you have superior products, services, and customer service to support higher rates :)