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A little patience is called for. Here are some ideas for the logo centering issue up top – use absolute positioning. Give your container div position: relative and then position both the logo and phone number where you want them with position: absolute; left: 300px; top: 20px; or what have you. It ain’t the most elegant of solutions, but it’ll do the trick. Also, the font-align: center is doing nothing for you up there either.

More alarming is the accordion menu in IE7 – it looks awful. IE7 is inserting scroll bars on each category, and the hover effects are terrible – it looks like the content slides up and expands. I know this is what’s actually going on, but you shouldn’t be able to watch it happen! It looks fine on the regular site but dreadful in wordpress, so there’s got to be some conflict happening between wordpress and jquery. I’d bet there’s a wordpress plugin that has much the same functionality, but I’m not the wordpress expert. You may want to post this in the PHP forums too.

One final tip – let Google’s AJAX API serve the jquery master file and jquery ui file; odds are good that your site visitors will already have them cached and it’ll save your server some sweat.

Good luck!