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Just some thoughts…

  • Make sure the featured area background transitions smoothly. As it is now, I can see the edges.[/*:m]
  • In the featured area, the title, text and buttons all seem slightly offset and should align perfectly left.[/*:m]
  • Needs more horizontal padding on the featured area buttons. The space should match the space on top/bottom.[/*:m]
  • I’m not crazy about the horizontal gradient bar under the featured area. Doesn’t need it.[/*:m]
  • Text in the three support boxes need more leading or line-spacing for us css folks.[/*:m]
  • I know they are only placeholders but they match other areas too much and don’t give a good impression of the design. Also they make the design look too dark.[/*:m][/list:u]

    Truthfully, it is a good start. All of those things I mention are just little things. Keep at it…