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It is perfectly fine to use Dreamweaver.

I personally tried many editors and IDEs and I didn’t find a perfect one. I always wish I could be able to combine features from different editors/IDEs to make what would be perfect for me, albeit this is not possible. A compromise has to be made somewhere. The editor / IDE you choose should not be based on what is currently cool, but what serves you best at this time.

I would even go a step further and say that what is best for an experienced developer is less likely to be best for a new developer like yourself.

If using DW design view to find the code that you want to edit is an important feature for you then stick with DW. As you are getting more experienced it will become easier for you to find the code without a design view. At the same time you will start wishing that you had features that are not available in DW. Then it will be time to switch to something else.