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Oscar Pino
"noahgelman" wrote:
It would be easier if you posted a link to the actual site or the code. It could be any number of things causing that
"virtual" wrote:
I presume you just posted the relevant code, because you are missing a lot of information:
1 – Doctype
2 – opening and closing<head> and <body> tags.
3 – You are also missing a closing div.

4 – You have given your table a width of 500px, there is no way you are going to fit that much information in 13 columns in such a small space without seriously reducing the size of your text. 12px and 16px for your headers will never fit, simple question of mathematics.

5 – To make it fit I reduced the sizes of your fonts to 10px and did the following

#tabla {
margin:20px 6px;

6 – #lateral could do with some padding the input box and text are jammed up against the left hand side.

Here is the information missing:

Thx for helping me