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yes chris, the question is will he be able to grasp the rounded edges and stuff. tobeeornot, I guess I shall try and recreate what you need but you’ll probably have to wait a few hours because its 1:48 am for me and I need to hit the sack, shall tackle it tomorrow! From what you’ve already got, the links aren’t centering because you have added padding in ems which is messing with their positioning, add that to the fact that “custom order” is a longer word than all the others and will not fit within the confines of the graphic due to the font size chosen.

As @ChristopherBurton was saying, you don’t really need to use a sprite and it would be best if you didn’t seeing as your words are of different lengths and you’re using two colors anyway and not any specialized graphic. you can simply specify the color of the background to match that of the graphic and as for the rounded edges take a look at this page, it specifies the commands you need to use to specify which corners are round and what their radius is. Doing this would mean

1, the colors would work
2,the text would be aligned to the center of its block element without padding and such
3, you would have round borders on the bottom as you wish