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"ikthius" wrote:
that pink bit???

I would say keep it, it seems to make is fit a lot better… it seems to be about half of your top part from the outer opaque pink to the top of the browser and seems to work.
if you killed that space off to be just to end of outer opaque pink, I think it would kill the page… in saying that I would add more opaque outer pink to be same padding as the top…

I hope that makes sense

while your at it, I need to say that I don’t like your navigation, I can’t tell what is a word and what is a pipe.

try and clarify it with a change in colour maybe

Thank you so much for the feedback :-) Because I´ve made the contentpart overlap with the "header" then the same amount of pixels that the content overlaps with on the header become "space" at the end if you understand? Now it seems like the content is just a rectangular box, but I would like to get the page to feel more like a "whole" page, and then I think it would look better if the page would end right after the content..

But you would the space as it is on the pages right now?

I´m doing this page for a friend and the pipes is a branding thing he does and always have done so that´s why it`s there.. But you can cleary navigate, the pipes isn´t there for any other reason than to seperate the links.. Does this make sense?