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"apostrophe" wrote:
It’s not necessary to post the code if you give a working link.
What’s the 50% for?
I think the problem is coming from the padding on the body (I didn’t notice that this morning ‘cos I was in a hurry), take boxes_top.jpg back into photoshop and make it the height you need it to be, then get rid of that padding.

the 50% is for make the background move with the centered container if you take a close look the the text_bottom.jpg it have 2 parts of boxes and that looks like the container is transparent and that is working fine.

I remove the padding and the problem is the same if I set the background posirion to 50% bottom works except in safari 3 and ie7 because the boxes.jpg moves with the window if you change the height of the window and if I set to 50% top , the move problem is gone until I start to add content the boxes move because the height of the html change and it break the
illusion that boxes_top.jpg and boxes.jpg are 1 big image.

I hope that there is a solution for safari 3 and IE7