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I agree with @thedoc – I used to quote for amount of pages, but then realised this has nothing to do with the time you spend on the thought process, design, development etc. The bulk of the work will be on that first page.

– There is no right answer here. Remember your intention here should not be to think about how much money to make as it’s your first website, but to get the experience and see how long a project like this takes you. Also if you offer high, and can’t deliver because of your lack of experience, the client wont be happy.

So my advice would be to offer a reasonable amount, probably a bit on the lower side, and make sure you note exactly how long this takes you, so for your next project, you can quote a bit more accurately.

I myself normally go by an hourly base rate, but it always varies depending on the size of the project, and the client, and whether I actually like the project or not.

Also, with the job in your post, have you done anything like this before? If you have, you can probably estimate how long it may take you, making it easy to quote – How much do you need to be paid for your time to do that? I wouldn’t personally charge anything on top of just your time at this stage such as skill, expertise etc)