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A tall order of a post! As a reference, I keep all of my most frequently used functions here:

As far as prefixes go, I’m not particularly sure they are relevant unless your are creating your own function that could interfere with WordPress’ own internal naming (or perhaps a plugin that you install). For the most part I suppose this is unlikely, though perhaps it’s something that I’ll end up doing myself from now on.

I find all of the theme files for 2010 and 2011 to be quite confusing, myself. The themes that I create always seem to be much simpler and contain more functionality. I think it’s simply because the 2010/11 themes are built for ultimate flexibility whereas custom themes that you might build are for a single site’s purpose.

The order of functions shouldn’t matter.

I’m sure we’d all be willing to have a look at your functions.php file. Since it might take up lots of room on the forum, maybe you could post it somewhere for people to see