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Ian G

Hmm, still having problems. I was playing around with relative and absolute positioning a bit before this, but I couldn’t get it worked out. Absolute positioning of the image causes the text box to drift over the entire div where the image is located.

Here is what I am working with.. generally speaking the messages are table outputs in odd/even forms, so one message is formatted this way:

tr class “odd-views-rows-first”
td class “views-field-pid-pic”
div class “picture”
td class “views-field-status-time
[b]text message is here[/b]

As I understand it you absolutely position elements within a relatively positioned parent element. So the first thing I tried was giving the tr class "odd-views-rows-first" and "view-field-pid-pic" a position of relative and then gave the "picture" div the absolute positioning, but this caused the text area (the second td class) to slide over and cover the image. Padding and margin to the image, td class or div didn’t shove the text area back, it just floated the picture around underneath it. I experimented more and the same thing happened if I tried to absolute position directly on the image instead of on the picture div.

I thought since the "picture" div was within a container set with relative positioning, I could absolutely position the image in relationship to the "views-field-pid-pic" td class, therby avoiding the message container moving over at all. What am I missing?