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Tom, I can tell you have an idea of the art direction which is at least a good sign. Brianallen and maximus hit on a lot of good points that I agree on, although I have some further *suggestions* to help you make a more cohesive design:

-Add suggested padding to top
-Use the same yellow throughout or find a different color for portfolio section and smaller sticky note rather than the eggshell brown.
-Consider horizontal portfolio section, or make the current one larger than your contact and about sections.
-Per the previous suggestion, reduce size of the contact form, it’s flippin huge so you’re asking people to contact you before they even realize why.
-If you use the same vertical bar for portfolio, hide any work initially or only show your best stuff, as its true the low quality of the American flag graphic really throws off the look. The gray bars are a bit awkward as well.
-As noted the grammar is pretty redundant; all sentences start with “I”; revise to be more concise without repeated wording.

Your biggest problem, as has been noted by many, is the page heirarchy which is confusing and defies expectations (in a bad way). If you follow what has been said I think you’ll be well on your way to a decent portfolio site.

@ mrking: If you’re going to be “harsh” then at least leave some constructive feedback. Coming here and just telling someone their work is bad is a waste of time for both you and the other person, as it adds to the discussion in no way.