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I use Ubuntu for all my website design. Of course, I know more of the technical side than the visual, so its not a huge deal for me to use the GIMP instead of Photoshop. You joke about IE being the missing ‘favourite’ app. It’s certainly not one of my favourites, but it does pose a big problem to not have it available. Testing sites in IE is a huge pain (I use VirtualBox to run XP). I can see why Linux wouldn’t work for many people, but it is fine for my own purposes.

I suppose if your primary coding program is a text editor or program like notepad ++, it doesn’t really matter all that much and for light graphic work Gimp would serve.

One of the downsides for me on Gimp in particular is that most of the great tutorials online use Photoshop. I guess the theories are similar, but it’s nice to do a close follow-along.

My primary problem is the amount of great programs available for the Mac and Windows that just aren’t available for Linux.

I’m curious how well Photoshop and other Windows programs run in a virtual pc. Are they as responsive?