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Thanks for writing in Sumeet! :D

My apologies!

Yes indeed I have placed a PARAGRAPH within a span tag! Another BLOCK element! :cry:

In my frustration, I actually later had replaced the paras with DIVs and discovered to my dismay that even that is not allowed! :oops: :cry:

Basically what I need to do is this:

When you hover the mouse over the Van Gogh Thumbnail
you would see the zoomed in image of the painting and the following text under it.

Painter on his way to work

One of Vincent Van Gogh’s brightest, vibrant self portraits.
It was to augur Van Gogh’s most creative time in life, when he painted his finest work.

I need to have ‘Painter on his way to work’
in BIG BOLD letters and a line break after it!
To accomplish that I added a para and added a class to it!

How can I get that to work is the basic question!

What element can go inside a span tag and also be styled?

Would appreciate any tips!

And yes I have fixed the & to &amp!

Thanks again!